Truth is that which does not change. Examine your life and identify all that changes as not truth. With this outlook, you will find that you are surrounded by only untruth.

When you identify that which appears to you as untruth, then you will become free from it. When you don't identify the untruth, you cannot become free from it. Your own experiences in life make you identify your own untruth. As you mature in life, you find everything is untruth - events, situations, people, emotions, thoughts, opinions, concepts, your body - everything is untruth. It is only then the satsang (company of truth) in the real sense happens.

For example, a mother cannot see the child as untruth until the child becomes an adult. For a baby sweet is not untruth, and for a teenager sex is not untruth.

Question: Is Knowledge also untruth?

Gurudev: Yes, if it is words, it is untruth. But as existence it is truth. Love as an emotion is not truth, as existence it is truth.