Two Anecdotes

Once somebody made a mistake and Guruji asked him, "What punishment can I give you?"

The person replied, "Don't punish me, Guruji, I won't make the mistake again."

After some time Guruji asked another person, "And what punishment can I give you?"

With a bright smile Nityanand replied, "Any punishment, Guruji."

At this Guruji turned to the rest of us with a smile and said, "See, he is so confident of my love for him that he is not afraid of any punishment. Where there is love, there is no fear. Do not be afraid of being punished by God. Trust in the love that He has for you. It was Arun and Chitra's wedding anniversary. They presented an ornate fan to Guruji, saying, "A fan from two grateful fans."

At this Guruji said, "Devotees are the fan; God is the air. Air is always there, but the fans make you feel it. God is always there; devotees make His presence felt!"