Varieties of spirit

Why should you think God is only one? Why can't He also be many? If He has made man in His own image, what image is He? An African, a Mongolian, a Caucasian, a Japanese, a Filipino? Why are there so many types of man, and so many varieties of things?

There is not just one type of tree, not just one type of snake, cloud, mosquito or vegetable - there is not just one type of anything, so why should God be only one? How could this consciousness that manifested this whole creation and loves variety, be monotonous? God seems to love different varieties. He must be of infinite variety Himself. God can manifest in many names, forms and varieties.

Some schools of thought may not give God the freedom to appear in His many forms. They want Him in one uniform! You change your appearance to suit the occasion. When such is the case, how could you think there is no variety in the Spirit. The ancient people knew this and that's why they cognized the Divinity as infinite qualities and forms. The Spirit is not dull and boring. The Spirit which is the basis of creation is dynamic and ever changing. God is not only one, but is many!!!

When you accept the variety of Divinity you cease to be a fanatic or a fundamentalist.

Tommy says God is many, God is One, he made so many just for fun.