Virtues cannot be cultivated. You have to assume that they are there.

In the Gita, Krishna said to Arjuna, "Grieve not Arjuna, you are born with virtues."

The seeker should remember that he is born with virtues; otherwise he could not have been a seeker.

If you think you do not have virtues and then try to cultivate them, you will fail.

You often compare yourself with others on the basis of virtues. Do not compare yourself with them. Simply recognize all the virtues you appreciate in others, and realize that they are already present in you in seed form. You only have to nurture them.

When you think you do not have a virtue, then you come from a space of lack or deficiency.

Caroline: Aho! That is why we don't need positive affirmations!

Alice: Affirmations really don't work anyway.

Gurudev: Affirmations do not work because you think you do not have those virtues, and with affirmation you try to have them.

And so Caroline affirms: You are the home of all virtues. (laughter)