War: Worst act of reason

Worst Act of Reason is War. Every war has a reason, and the reason justifies the war. Those who engage in war, reason it out. But reason is limited. As reason changes, justification falls apart. All the reasons for every war appear to be justifiable to some limited minds and for limited time. Hence, war becomes inevitable on this planet.

War is limited to human beings. No other species in creation engage in war or mass destruction, as they have no reason. Animals have their prey and let everything just be. But mankind, from time immemorial, has been engaging in war because Man lives on reason. Man gives reason to every act of his and justifies it. As reasons change, his justifications fall apart.

Man has to transcend reason, and only then can he realize the Divinity. Then he does not engage in war. Only when people become sensible, rise above hatred and have heightened consciousness can the war be stopped.