A Wise Man Is Happy Even In Bad Times And The Stupid One Is Unhappy Even In Good Times

People who are willing to serve will have good times even in the bad times. when there are problems such as famine or war-torn countries, the Red Cross people will be fine as they are serving. The more relief they bring, the happier they feel. And people who are selfish and who just want to enjoy themselves will be miserable even in good times. Often the organizers of a party do not enjoy the party because some little thing is missing, they forgot to invite somebody, somebody did not come or some little thing went wrong.

A wise one is happy even in bad times. And the stupid one is unhappy even in good times.

You make the time good or bad. People usually blame the bad time and wait for the good time. Even if an astrologer says that you have a hopeless time, you can make it a good time!

Like weather, time has its own impact on you. But your Satsangs and sadhana are your shield, your protection! So realize that you are more than time and that you can move the time by your connection to the Divine.

Don't feel shy to speak about human and spiritual values. Time has come now to call the whole world!

THE ALL is calling,

The ball is rolling!

Time is milling,

The Soul is willing...