The World Belongs To You

Pleasure or pain is an intense sensation in the 4 to 6 foot body. When we are not caught up in this then we are truly and sincerely able to say, "I belong to you." That is when all the cravings and aversions, desires and doubts fall off -- and in a moment the world belongs to you. All your miseries surround the "I, I, I, . . . ", "I want this, I like that, I don't like this . . ." Just let go. The sun rises and sets, the grass grows, the river flows, the moon shines and I am here forever!

How do you feel if someone praises you?

Answer: "Shy, happy, great, embarrassed . . . "

It does something to you, doesn't it? It doesn't do anything to me! When you praise the moon, the mountains, Lake Lucerne, the Black Forest . . .it doesn't do anything to them. They remain the same.

Just like that I am part of nature. If you enjoy praising me, you may do so. In fact, you have no choice! (Laughter)

You can do with me whatever you like. I am there for you. I am your toy! (Laughter)