Do not worship or idolize worship. Idolizing without a sense of belongingness is always futile. Such worship only causes fear and distance. And there are others who are paranoid about worship. They get irritated by seeing others worshipping.

The modes of worship or idolizing may be different in different parts of the world. Some worship the pope ; others worship the pop stars. Some are crazy about the politicians. Look at all the children. They worship their heroes all over the walls. Just adoration makes you a fan. Having a sense of belongingness and seeing the Divinity in those whom you adore, makes you a saint.

Raghu: You mean we can see Divinity in a pop star or politician.

Guruji: If You can;..A Divinity that is distorted ( laughter) Those who worship without a sense of belongingness and those who are against worship are in the same boat as both are clogged with fear. In the Bible, it says, " I am your God. And you shall have no other before me. " The same is said in the ancient Indian scriptures. "One who worships God as separate from the "I am" consciousness is dull headed". And " Poojo aur na deva".Do not worship other Gods. The offering, the offered and the offerer are all ONE.