Frequently Asked Questions:

General Information
World continents Pavilion
Yoga Park
Cultural program
Child care
Medical Emergency

General Information

Q: How can I get the information of the people travelling from my country / city?  Is there a Forum  where I can access the Information for sharing rooms, travelling together and such?

A: Yes. A Forums board will be added to the US website https://www.artofliving.org/world-culture-festival by mid February.

Q: Do people in Berlin understand English?

A: Most of the people in Berlin speak English. All tourist information is available in English (map, city presentation etc.).

Q: How is the security arrangement for the event of this large scale?

A:  A private security company has been assigned for security in the Stadium. Level of security will be determined based on the need and requirement at a particular time.

Q: Is it recommended to purchase health insurance? If so, how does one obtain health insurance with International Coverage?

A: Yes. It is recommended to have health insurance coverage to protect oneself against any exigencies. You will have to contact the Insurance Company in your respective country that offers International travel insurance, including health coverage.

Q: Will I be able to meet Guruji during the event?

A: Guruji will be attending Satsang on July 3rd and during all Jubilee courses.  Business zone tickets will provide access to VIP lounge area wherein Guruji will be stationed.

Q: What will the climate in Berlin be during the event?

A: Very pleasant climate (28°C to 33°C).

Q: Is there a lost & found section?

A: Yes at the stadium.

Q: Would I be given a stadium map with details of various sections? Would it be available on the website?

A: Yes! it will be available on the event website prior to the start of the event.

Q: Who is in charge of VIP appointments for Guruji?

A: N/A during the celebrations. Guruji will indicate how he meets everyone during the Jubilee courses.

Q: Will I receive some kind of information packet when I sign in at the stadium? What would the packet contain?

A: Yes, you will receive welcoming package that will contain schedule, maps, travelling information, emergency numbers etc.

Q: Does the website have map showing restaurants closer to the stadium?

A: No, currently the map does not show any nearby places to the stadium.

Q: Does the website display currency translations?

A: No. the website does not display any currency translations.


Q: Has AOL negotiated any group rates for those travelling from the US?

A: This information will be made available towards the end of Feb.

Q: Are there any tour packages?

A: More on this coming soon.

Q: Do I need a Travel Visa to visit Berlin?

A: Visa information for US Citizens

Holders of valid, non-expired US passport do not need a visa for airport transit, tourist or business trips (for stays up to 90 days).

For complete information please follow this link,


Visa information for non-US Citizens living in the US

Requirements for non-US citizens vary with the country of their citizenship.

Please follow this link for complete information,


Q: Do US credit cards work in Berlin? If I want to buy Euros, where and how can I get them?

A: Visa, MasterCard, Amex are commonly accepted in Berlin. Euros can be purchased at any bank or at the airport.

Q: Are pay phones available everywhere or do I need to carry my cell phone?

A: It is recommended to  carry your cell phones. You may be able to buy a German prepaid sim card (if your cell phone SIM is unlocked).

Q: Are there any criteria to get tickets in the business zone?

A: No specific criteria. Anyone can purchase them.


Q: How far are the hotels from the stadium?

A: All the hotels affiliated with the event are located between 5 and 12 kilometers. All hotels fall along the metro lines. A Google map with all locations will be uploaded on the event website http://worldculturefestival.org/  soon.

Q: What is the bathroom facility for the people staying at the camps?

A: Campers may use the Olympia swimming pool shower facilities.

Q: How cold does it get in the night?

A: It may remain warm (19 to 24°C) or it might get cooler. It is better to carry some warm clothing for the nights.

Q: Are there any lockers provided at the camp-site?

A: Currently there is no plan for such.

Q: All the hotels/hostels/camp sites listed on the website are full. What are the other options?

A: Once all the listed accommodations are full, the Berlin volunteer team will re-negotiate with the hotels/ hostels/ camp sites to provide additional accommodation. However, there is no guarantee for the rates once re-negotiationtakes place.

Q: Which hotels are close to Guruji’s hotel?

A: Grand Hotel Esplanade is the closest hotel to Guruji’s hotel. Sylter Hof, is the second closest hotel to Guruji's hotel and is relatively economical (Euro 79 - double room)

Q: Are there breakfast places close by to the recommended hotels?

A: Breakfast is complementary and is included for those staying at the recommended hotels. Please note, this is not applicable if you are camping or staying at youth hostels.

Q: How far are these listed Hotels from the stadium?

A: All the recommended hotels listed on the event website http://worldculturefestival.org/Festival_Accommodation.html are within 7 km distance from the stadium.

Q: I am not taking any course after the event. But I would like to stay back for few more days. Can I still use the discount code at the hotel?

A: Yes, please contact us for the list of hotels with whom there is an extended contract (up to the 7th July, 2011).


Q: What is the best means of transportation within Berlin?

A: All recommended hotels are along the metro lines. Metro is the most economical means of transportation within Berlin.

Q: Is there any transportation arranged by AOL from airport to the hotels / accommodations?

A: No, there is no such provision. You will have to arrange for your own transport.

Q: Are any shuttles available from stadium and course locations to the hotels/camp site/youth hostels? If yes, what is the frequency of such shuttles?

A: No, there are no shuttles available.

Q: How do I rent a car?

A: There are rental car companies at the airport (Hertz, Europcar, Avia, Sixt). Please remember that Berlin has right hand driving rule.

Q: Where can I get the directions from airport to the accommodation / stadium in case I get lost?

A: There will be an AOL welcome desk at the airport to help the guests with the directions.

Q: Are cabs available easily at the airport? Is it safe to travel by cabs? How long would it take and how much would it cost to travel by cab from one of the international airports (TXL or SXF) to the accommodation / stadium?

A: Berlin taxis are very safe. The journey from the airport to the accommodation / stadium would take approximately 20-30 mins and would cost between Euro 35 to Euro 45.

Q: Can people staying at the camp-sites carry their belongings to the stadium? Is there any provision for lockers at the stadium?

A: This is currently being negotiated. The information for the same will be available shortly on the event website http://worldculturefestival.org/


Q: What are the timings of the food festival?

A: The food festival will begin at 11.00 am and will stay open until 11pm.

Q: Will there be any food available for purchase within the stadium besides the food festival?

A: Yes, there will be food stalls at the camping site.

Q: I am a vegetarian, will there be vegetarian food at the event?

A: Yes, only vegetarian food will be available at the event.

Q: What currency will be accepted for purchase of food? Will credit/debit cards be accepted at the food festival?

A: Euros will be accepted; however, no credit or debit cards will be accepted. Please remember to carry cash.

Q: I would like to represent my country in the food festival. Who should I contact for this?

A: Please send a mail to berlin2011.info@us.artofliving.org or call 1-877-399-1008 ext 4

Q: What will be the average cost per person for food at the food festival?

A: The average cost per person will be ~ 7 euros per meal

Q: Who should I contact for giving a lecture or for participating in the conference at the food festival?

A: Please send a mail to berlin2011.info@us.artofliving.org or call 1-877-399-1008 ext 4

Q: What is the schedule for the lectures and conference at the food festival?

A: To be announced.

Q: How many hours during the day will the food be available for purchase?

A: The food will be available purchase from 11 am to 11pm.

Q: Can I bring food from outside into the stadium?

A: Yes, but the food bag should not contain knives or any sharp items.


Q: What is the schedule of events on July 2nd and 3rd?

A: Please visit:  http://worldculturefestival.org/Festival_Schedule.html

Q: What is the break-down of events on July 2nd from 10:00-18:00?

A: Please visit:  http://worldculturefestival.org/Festival_Schedule.html

Q: Are there any art of living courses offered during the event?

A: Yes, Part1 course and Part2 course. For further details, please visit: http://worldculturefestival.org/JubileeCourses.html

Q: Can I enter and exit the stadium anytime?

A: Yes, with the entry / exit pass available at the exit gate.

Q: How big is the stadium parking lot? Is there a parking contribution and if so, how much?

A: We cannot guarantee any parking facilities. Priority will be given to the autobuses. .

Q: Is there wi-fi at the stadium? Do I have to pay for the wi-fi?

A: There is no wi-fi available at the stadium.

Q: Can I bring my handy-cam, laptop at the stadium?

A: Handy-cams and laptops will be allowed. However, no professional recording material will be allowed inside the stadium.

Q: I do not understand English very well. Will there be any translators?

A: No translators will be available during the program. English will be the common medium of communication during the event

Q: How do I participate in Women's Conference, Youth Conference or World Conference on Spiritual Regeneration and Human Values?

A: These conferences are free to attend and require no registration. Anybody can participate in the conference.

Q: Is there media-coverage for the event?

A: Yes, there will be media-coverage.

World Continents Pavilions

Q: Will there be booths and seating area in the pavilions?

A: Yes. There will be both booths and seating facility in all pavilions.

Q: Will there be any seating arrangement in the pavilions during the dances, music, poetry and literature?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a schedule for the dance and music performances at each of the pavilions?

A: Yes, the same will be released in a few weeks.

Q: What are the timings for the conferences and workshops to be held in the pavilions? Will there be an extra cost to attend these?

A: The conference and workshops will be held throughout the day at the pavilions. There will not be any extra cost to attend these.

Yoga Park

Q: What are the timings for Yoga Park?

A: Yoga park will be open all the time except during Grand celebration.

Q: Will there be an extra charge to visit the Yoga Museum or attend one of the workshops or lectures?

A: No, there is no extra charge.

Q: Is there a schedule for the Yoga workshops and lectures?

A: Yes, the same will be released in a few weeks.

Q: The website mentions Conference on Science of Yoga and Science of Breath. When and where will this be held? Is there an extra charge for this?

A: The timing and the exact location for the conference will be announced later. There is no extra course contribution.

Q: I am a certified Yoga teacher and I would like to contribute to the Yoga Park? Who should I contact?

A: Please send a mail to berlin2011.info@us.artofliving.org or call 1-877-399-1008 ext 4

Q: Will there be a overlap in timing of the Yoga workshops, lectures and conference with the other events that are being held at the stadium?

A: Yes, there will be simultaneous programs in all pavilions, parks and stadium.


Q: Is the seating assigned or is it first come; first serve in the respective sections?

A: The seating is first come first serve, except reserved areas.

Q: If I lose or forget to bring my ticket, will I be allowed based on my driver’s lisence / passport?

A: No, It is mandatory to have the ticket and you will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Q: I would like to sit together with my participants from the US? Have the countries been assigned specific zones?

A: We recommend that US participants purchase tickets in Green Zone 1. Any other zone tickets could be purchased as well.

Q: Will there be a special seating for handicap or aged people?

A: Yes, there will be special seating for handicap and aged people. For ticket purchase, please visit: www.eventim.de/hotline

Q: What is the cancellation/refund policy? Is there a cancellation course contribution?

A: Tickets once purchased cannot be cancelled or refunded.  For Accommodations, the cancellation policy for each of the respective hotels shall apply (normally 4 weeks prior to event).

Q: Is there any discount on event tickets for big groups?

A: No, there is no discount available for big groups.

Q: If I cannot make it to the event, can I transfer my ticket to someone else's name?

A: Yes, for the Print-at-home ticket: send your ticket (pdf format) with the person to whom you have transferred the ticket.

Q:  My kid is only 5 yrs old. Does he need a ticket?

A:  Yes, ticket will be required for everyone above the age of 1 year. However, free tickets will be available for children of ages upto 7 years. (Will be available on eventim website by mid-feb.)

Q: Can we buy ticket on the spot?

A: Yes, however there is no guarantee that you will definitely get one. It will depend on the availability.


Q: I would like to volunteer for the event from my country? How can I do that and who should I contact the same?

A: Please send a mail to berlin2011.info@us.artofliving.org or call 1-877-399-1008 ext 4

Q: Do full-time volunteers need to buy the event pass as well?

A: Yes.

Cultural Program

Q: How do I participate in the Guitar ensemble?

A: Please send a mail to berlin2011.info@us.artofliving.org or call 1-877-399-1008 ext 4. There are special tickets for this event.

Q: I am selected for the Guitar ensemble and would like to know the dates and number of rehearsals? Is it necessary to be present for all the rehearsals?

A: The first rehearsal will be on Friday July 1st, 2011. It is important to be present for all rehearsals.

Q: How do I participate for piano ensemble?

A: Please send a mail to berlin2011.info@us.artofliving.org or call 1-877-399-1008 ext 4.

Q: How do I participate in dances and other cultural programs?

A: More details on this will be available soon. Keep checking the website.

Q: How can I have a booth at the cultural exhibits?

A: Please send a mail to berlin2011.info@us.artofliving.org or call 1-877-399-1008 ext 4.


Q: What are the days and timings for child -care?

A: There is no child-care available. All children are their parent’s responsibility at all times.

Q: How far is the child-care from the stadium and the course locations?

A: No child care available.

Q: Is there an age limit for children to attend the celebrations?
A: No, there is no age limit.

Q: Is there any child-care available during the Jubilee courses?

A: There will be no child care. Parents are responsible for their children

Q: How do I register my child for child care?

A: No child care available. Sorry!

Q: My child has food allergies. Are there provisions made for kids with allergies at the child care?

A: No child care available. Sorry!

Q: What will happen if parents are late to pick up children? How will it be communicated that it is necessary to pick up children on time?

A: No child care available. Sorry!

Medical Emergency

Q: Who should I contact in case of medical emergency?

A: Emergency information will be as a part of the welcoming program. First-aid will be available at the stadium.

Q: Would there be doctors in case one of my family members falls sick?

A: Yes, Germany has an excellent medical system. However, it is best to get an insurance coverage.


Q: Are there any scholarships available for the event? What is the procedure and who is the contact person?

A: No scholarships are available. Sorry!


Q: What is the location for the Jubilee courses?

A: Check back on the event website in a few weeks. http://worldculturefestival.org/

Q: Is there any on-site (spot) registration available for Part 1, YES+, Part 2 or ART EXCEL courses? If yes what will be the course contribution?

A: Yes, as per now. course contribution will be the same as advance registration.

Q: Are all the courses going to be held at the same venue?

A: Yes, they will be held at the same venue however, in different rooms / halls.