Wrapping Paper

All sensory pleasures in the world are like wrapping paper; the true bliss is the present inside. Divine love is the present, yet we are holding onto the paper believing we have already enjoyed the gift. It's like putting the chocolate inside your mouth with the paper still on. A little chocolate may seep into the mouth, but the covering makes sores in the mouth. Unwrap the present. The whole world is there for you to enjoy. The wise know how to enjoy the gift inside, while the ignorant get stuck with the paper.

Wally told Guruji: I have some property for you to consider as an Ashram in the U.S.

Guruji said: I want every home to be an Ashram.

How many of you consider your home to be an Ashram? If not, what keeps your home from being an Ashram? What are the impediments? What do you think are the qualities of an Ashram?