yes+ testimonial 5

I did The YES!+ course from ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION in Sept 2006.It has been the greatest thing I ever did. Coming to IIT for an M.Tech. I was really thrown into a serious mess, where I was unable to cope up with the high standards of professionalism. I was unable to perform to the best of my abilities. The atmosphere here was no doubt the best in terms of infrastructure and academics but I was feeling absolutely cornered and dejected. There seemed to be no way by which I could revert back to my happy, calm and relaxed self and as a result I could only get an SPI of 8.05. My DGPA for the B.Tech was 9.23. After doing the course, and practicing the techniques regularly, I was able to gather myself. I started feeling at home at IIT. I do not think I gave extra efforts or anything but this calm and relaxed temperament helped me to secure an SPI of 9.4 the very next semester. I never thought I would be back to my old self despite so much of prevailing competition and peer pressure. Today I am enjoying the life here in IIT and Mumbai. Thanks to YES!+.

Arpita Des

M.Tech 2 year

Mumbai, India