YLTP | Youth Leadership
Training Program

Youth Leadership Training Program

A revolution for rural development

Estimates suggest that around 27 percent of the world’s population is between 10-24 years. (2006 report by the Population Reference Bureau). Majority of these youth are in developing countries which face challenges that are unique to their environs.

Illiteracy, lack of direction, vulnerability to anti-social tendencies such as addiction, feelings of self-defeat, inadequate access to basic amenities are some of the common issues faced by youth in the rural areas.

The Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) is a dynamic program that addresses issues faced by rural populace and empowers them to develop their communities.

It is commonly said that ‘Change begins with me’. The YLTP creates a transformation in every individual by teaching youth stress-elimination breath techniques and the Sudarshan Kriya. These tools help enhance confidence, deal with feelings of aggression and give mental clarity and strength.

Youth are also taught leadership skills and ways to develop their local communities. Many graduates also adopt Art of Living’s

  • Intensive 8-day leadership training followed by two weeks of service work
  • Powerful breathing techniques
  • Daily yoga & meditation
  • Practical knowledge for stress-free living
  • A cohesive, connected team atmosphere, which nourishes a sense of belonging