The Indian border state has been perpetually caught in a web of tension, violence and instability ever since the partition of India in 1947. Today, Kashmir is counted among the world's most volatile hotspots. The Art of Living has been pursuing a multi-pronged approach to bring peace in troubled Jammu and Kashmir.

For the last five years, the Art of Living has launched several initiatives aimed not only at restoring peace, but also alleviating the sufferings of the people. Its intervention spans four broad areas -- trauma relief courses for all sections of society, bringing a sense of harmony by opening avenues for dialogue between people of diverse viewpoints, working to alleviate the plight of people in migrant camps, schools and child-care centers for children affected by the trauma and initiating programmes for the youth.

To wean away youth from violence and isolate them from the web of uncertainty, the Art of Living has been conducting its Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) since 2003. The programme has been so popular with youth of the state that the participants of the first programme which was held in Doda in 2003 with about 70 youths in attendance generated over 10 such programmes within a very short time. The programme has been extremely successful in turning misguided youth into physically strong, mentally alert and morally responsible individuals who are ready to cross all their comfort zones and become role models for others. About 2200 youths from 12 districts in the region have been trained for the YLTP program. These youth take up rehabilitation work of the valley under the umbrella of the welfare programs undertaken by the Art of Living organization. Their perform diverse activities like

  • Cleaning camps
  • Medical camps - Patients treated
  • Toilets constructed
  • SHG
  • Schools
  • Tree plantation