The Yoga of the Breath Course for people living with HIV

The Yoga of the Breath Course, an expanded version of the Art of Living Course specifically designed for people living with HIV, offers powerful techniques to eliminate stress and support immune function for better health and quality of life. Keeping one’s self physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy is important for everyone – but particularly for those living with HIV. Living with HIV can include struggleswith depression, anxiety, and fatigue (depression is twice as common in people living with HIV as it is in the general population), and yet the link between a healthy mind and a healthy immune system is well documented. The Yoga of the Breath Course offers techniques that significantly reduce stress, increase well-being, and boost the immune system. They are easy to learn and practice, have no side effects, and complement any existing medical regimen. The cornerstone of the Yoga of Breath program is a breath technique called the SudarshanKriya. This simple yet powerful technique utilizes specific rhythms of the breath to clarify the body and mind, improve cognitive function, strengthen the respiratory system, increase energy and stamina, enhance immune function, improve cardiovascular health, and restore harmony to the entire system. The course also includes: • Meditation • Low-impact yoga • Skills for handling challenging situations • Dynamic group discussions Weekly follow-up sessions offer participants support in continuing with their breathing practice and a sense of community.