Yoga Day a blessing for juvenile inmates

16 Jun 2015

ALLAHABAD: Amid the raging controversy over International Yoga Day, comes a positive spinoff. Yoga course at the Rajkiya Samprekshan Grih, Kishore (Juvenile Home) will extend health and spiritual benefits to the juveniles allegedly caught for alleged heinous crimes like rape, sexual abuse and even murder.

Data reveals that in the Allahabad division alone, 57 juveniles are lodged in the home on rape and murder charges in the past four months. All these accused have been declared minors and trial is undergoing at the juvenile home itself. Those convicted after trial sessions, are sent to the Rajikya Vishesh Grih Kishore in Etawah.

The administration aims to change the mindset of the teenagers by employing two yoga teachers and running yoga classes daily. "It is believed that yoga is a holistic approach towards life. Several of the asanas help in uniting body, mind and soul which in turn will help the teenagers gain peace of mind. The International Day of Yoga has come as an opportunity to start a two-hour course for the inmates," said Punit Kumar Mishra, district probation officer.

He said though the inmates at the juvenile home are being trained for the purpose, the training would not end after the celebration the day and would continue throughout the year. One of the counsellors said, "The inmates lodged at juvenile home are innocent till they are convicted. Kids of 14 years of age are caught simply on the basis of suspicion of theft, but when they are released after staying here for months, they fail to adjust in the society. Yoga will help them gain confidence to face future life."

The teenagers would be prepared for the International Yoga Day and would hold eight-fold yoga and pranayam practice. As per a common yoga protal released by ministry of ayush for the Yoga Day, Art of Living trainers would help them with warm-up sessions, 'kapalbhati', 'pranayam', meditation, pledge, etc.

Courtesy: The Times of India