Yoga Rave is an experience unique in the world that keeps a completely diverse audience jumping for 4 hours. Both youngsters & adults have fun thanks to the music of So What Project!, yoga & meditation.

Some time ago, a group of Art of Living volunteers from Argentina, inspired to do something for young people & with the intention of winning over areas ruled by drugs & alcohol, created a new setting in which to have fun & experience true joy.

Originally the mere idea seemed to imply a utopia, yet the parties began to take place & attract a growing number of people. Nowadays, more than 50 parties in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, United States, Denmark,

Sweden and Berlin, in the World Cultural Festival confirm its success. Such was the birth of a different environment where fun flows without external stimulation that also damages the body.

Along with Yoga Rave came the band So What Project! Members Rodrigo Bustos & Nicolás Pucci work with mantras, aiming to expand their cleansing & energizing potential by combining them with electronic music, rock, pop & other styles. So What has already released two albums, one in 2009, called Smile, which includes the great hit: Krishna Govinda, and last may, they presented in Argentina BlossOM.

During the party there is also some basic Yoga, ideal for the inexperienced & curious. Before and after the dancing comes silence & stillness: meditation. A deep rest for the mind & the body. To complete the evening, there’s a bar full of fruity drinks & exquisite vegetarian food.

The combination of music, meditation & yoga is very powerful. Those who experience it go home feeling completely energized & with genuine smiles on their faces. You only have to dare to do something different.

Nowadays, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world are working to have Yoga Rave in their cities, with So What Project! in connection with the international board of Yoga Rave headed in Argentina. The blossOM tour is planned to visit Europe, India and US, apart from several parties in Argentina and Latin America.

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