I Found Love and Forgiveness

South Africa’s very first Prison SMART Part 2 Course

“My heart was scared with pain, loneliness, anger and unworthiness. I made a decision to go for the prison smart program. That was the best thing I have done in my life. I then decided to go for the advanced smart program. That’s when I did something I wanted to do for a long time – I forgave. Yes, I forgave the man I hated with all my heart .” shares Earl Brophy, a prisoner from the Krugersdorp Correctional Services, Gauteng, South Africa.

Earl was one of the 68 prisoners participating in South Africa’s very first Prison SMART Part 2 Course. Held in May 2010, the programs specialized guided meditations, techniques and silence had a profound effect on the inmates.

Commended by the Department of Correctional Services, the program empowers prisoners to rehabilitate from destructive addictions and behavioural problems and lead a more serene and peaceful life within the prison and have a positive outlook to life, out of the prison.

This course was the first step towards giving prisoners a real chance to living a life coming to terms with their past, free from guilt, anger, hatred and a host of negative emotions they are often plagued with.

“During the sessions, it was so amazing to observe the depth of silence that could be achieved just with a few rounds meditation. The prisoners expressed so much of gratitude for the attention they were being given as a result of the program. There were many curious questions about Gurudev, how they can become teachers, as well as continuing with this when they were on the outside. “ share an Art of Living volunteer on the course.

The Prison SMART program has been taught at Krugersdorp Correctional Services since March 2009 with 350 prisoners successfully completing the Prison Smart Part 1 course.