Other Graduate Programs

Blessings Program

"That state when you don't want anything... then the blessings that flow out are bound to materialize." - Gurudev

The Blessings Course is a subtle yet powerful program that includes unique processes and meditations designed to take the individual to a deep state of gratitude and fullness. Participants report that more than any other course they have taken, they become aware of the tremendous grace that flows to them and through them.

The pre-requisites are



Do Something Now (DSN)

DSN  is a rigorous and transformational course that empowers participants to break through personal inhibitions and barriers and access inner stability and power.

We each have a deep desire to be the best we can be - for ourselves, our families, our communities and our world - but many of us have personal barriers, old habits, emotional wounds, fears and inhibitions that hold us back and keep us from fully participating in life

DSN uses a combination of yoga, powerful processes, and deep spiritual knowledge to break through barriers, create personal empowerment, and allow us to fully be of service to ourselves and others.

Art of Living (part II) Course or one who is regularly involved in service (seva) for the last 6 month may apply with a written recommendation from their teacher or the local coordinator.

The pre-requisites are 



Guru Puja Courses Part 1 and 2

Guru Puja is a traditional ceremony of gratitude honoring the lineage of spiritual Masters who have been the custodians of the knowledge of the Self. Under the loving guidance of Bhanu , Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s sister, one learns to chant and perform the Guru Puja. Chanting the Guru Puja unites our minds with this tradition of Masters. Many participants report an experience of the presence of Divinity during the course and from performing the Puja. The course also includes beautiful ancient knowledge, lovely guru stories and a profound feeling of the presence of these great Masters.

The Guru Puja Course is in two parts:

Phase One:  During Part 1 you learn the chanting of the puja and explore the mysteries of Vedic Knowledge and traditions.

Phase Two:  This course brings the qualification necessary to invoke the lineage of Spiritual Masters through the Puja chant taught during Guru Puja Part 1.

The pre-requisites are



Eternity Process

The soul is eternal and was here long before it existed in our current physical bodies and it will continue after this body has turned to dust. The eternity process is a past life regression technique that provides a tool for recalling events in our past lives that may be the root cause of current patterns of behavior. These patterns can be mental or physical and can be something that needs to be changed or merely understood. The process helps individuals clear past impressions that may be blocking their progress in life, and thus begin to live more in the present moment.

The eternity process is a one to one session that lasts for two to three hours and experienced similarly to a deep guided meditation.

The pre-requisites are