Prison Program

What is the Prison SMART Program?

Prison Stress Management And Rehabilitation Program (SMART)

“Inside every culprit, there is a victim crying for help. That person is also a victim of ignorance, small-mindedness and lack of awareness. It's the stress, lack of broad vision about life, lack of understanding, and bad communication that leads to violence in society.”  - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

An internationally acclaimed progressive, practical and results oriented program. The Prision SMART provides innovative and effective solutions to break cycles of violence and escalating crime rates. Over 350,000 prisoners in 32 countries, from India to Russia, USA to South Africa, have benefited from the Prison SMART program.

Prison SMART is based on Art of Living's unique stress elimination techniques and is customized to the needs of the prison inmates, the individuals and institutions that work to end the cycle of violence. Innovative breathing techniques are a cornerstone of the program.

Prison SMART teaches life skills that heal trauma, enable individuals to accept responsibility for their past actions, handle future conflict and negative stressful situations successfully, including reducing violence and drug dependencies