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  1. We know that each religion has two aspects, one aspect is the beliefs and the other is rituals. Which one is the unifying and which is the dividing factor?

    I would say religion has three aspects:1. Values2. Symbols and3. Rituals and practicesThe values seem to be the same amongst all religions, like brotherhood, oneness of God, love and compassion, serving the poor and needy. This is the sp ...
  2. Worship

    Do not worship or idolize worship. Idolizing without a sense of belongingness is always futile. Such worship only causes fear and distance. And there are others who are paranoid about worship. They get irritated by seeing others worshipping. The modes of ...
  3. Religion and politics

    The role of religion is to make one righteous and loving And politics means caring for people and their welfare. When religion and politics don't coexist then you have corrupt politicians and pseudo-religious leaders. A religious man who is righteous ...
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