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  1. Gurudev, why should we love a terrorist?

    I am not saying you should love terrorists. You have to accept terrorists. Only when you accept him can you bring a transformation in him or her.
    These are people who are misguided. They never had an opportunity of education in love, in compassion and ...
  2. I want to be in love, but there seems to be a conflict between love and knowledge. How to integrate the two? With all my love!

    You have done it already! If you don’t have love for knowledge, why would you ask for it? And if you know it, how is it possible that you can’t be in love? Knowing brings love in you, and love in turn, creates that interest to know more. ...
  3. Gurudev, my parents are old and still have arguments and fights after being married for 50+ years. Will they ever change?

    Come on, they are having fun in their life, why do you want to stop it? Without arguments and fights life will be so boring; no spice. They enjoy a spicy dinner, let them have it. Why you want to make it bland? If it gets too hot, pour a little ghee; put ...
  4. Dear Gurudev, how to manage a woman who is irritated at me for everything! Please help, I love her very much.

    I am so inexperienced in this matter! You are asking a wrong person! What do you do with a person who is irritated at you, and you love them so much? I guess you have to just accept it, and simply move on.

    There is a story of a gentleman who was so bo ...

  5. Is being gay an impression of the mind?

    It could be, or it could also be biological.

    You are made up of both, male and female, chromosomes. If the female chromosomes in you are active, but the body is male, then the tendencies can change. However, it is not for a lifetime. These tendencies m ...

  6. Dear Gurudev, spreading love one person at a time is much slower than spreading hatred, which is spreading in multiples these days. We need to go mass, and very fast. How can we do that?

    I’ll leave that question with you. And spread the question first. When many people start thinking and talking about it, there could be multiple ideas on how we can spread love fast. We should try to implement all of them or most of them. Certain questions ...
  7. Please give me some tips to improve my relationship with my mother-in-law.

    Listen, you have a different scale for your mother and a different scale for your mother-in-law. Now why do you do that?
    When your mother used to scold you, it never really touched you. You are thick skinned when your mother shouts at you or scolds you ...
  8. Why do all the problems in the world start and end because of love?

    Otherwise life would be so boring. Just imagine, if there are no problems and no issues, life would be so bland, isn't it?
    You can keep wondering about it. It's a matter to wonder, not a question. ...
  9. Dear Gurudev, why does longing hurt so much? I am referring to the longing for the Divine and for the Infinity. Where have we come from?

    See, love and hurt are very close and go hand in hand.
    When you love someone, then you do get hurt sometimes. It happens this way, and we have to live through it. So do not run away from it.
    Getting hurt is a part of love.

    Today somebody cam ...

  10. Dearest Gurudev, there have been many questions asking you to talk more about the meaning of Jesus, His birth and the meaning of his presence. Please talk a little about this.

    Jesus is the embodiment of love.
    Just look at how much insult and pain he had to suffer. Jesus took the hurt and the pain with such equanimity and calmness. He was blamed by everyone. Even his own disciples ran away.
    Imagine how hur ...
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