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  1. Gurudev, if doing nothing brings us so much joy and happiness, then why should we do anything at all?

    Your nature is such that you cannot stay for too long without doing anything.
    You know, bliss is always found or realized in the contrast of events.
    When you are doing something and when you put in your 100% efforts, only then do you realize the ...
  2. Gurudev, if we lose our footwear or if someone takes it away, is it true that they take away our bad karma?

    If it was an expensive shoe, then yes, it is better to think that way . At least you will get peaceful sleep at night. But if it was a cheap slipper… (Sri Sri nods his head).

    See the main idea was to tell the people to be in the present moment. < ...

  3. Gurudev, How does the Karma of our parents and ancestors affect us? Are we also punished because of their bad karmas?

    Listen, if your ancestor has left you a house, is it not a boon for you now? Why are you asking such obvious questions?!
    They have earned a lot of money, toiled and built a home and they left it to you. You are enjoying their karma, is it not?! And if ...
  4. Gurudev, I am in a situation in which I am neither able to forgive nor forget. Please guide me what to do.

    Then just think about your death, that you are going to die.
    Even if you hold on (to the situation), still you will be finished; you will go away from this world. Now, do you want to carry that impression? Come on, wake up!
    Life is so sho ...
  5. Gurudev, if everything is already written then where does karma come into play?

    You are saying that everything is written, but it is not like that. Some things are destiny, and some free will.

    For example, it is raining, that is destiny. To get wet or not is your free will; that is your choice. If you take an umbrella, you will n ...

  6. Astonishing and Mysterious Karma

    What do we get upset with? We don’t get upset with the birds, or the clouds, or with Nature. We don’t get upset with the environment. So, what do we get upset with? We get upset with the people around us. Our enemies upset us and our friends upset us as w ...
  7. Gurudev, what to do when someone blames your character or integrity?

    There is a very beautiful couplet in Kannada that says, ‘What do you say to a person who is scared of noise but has built his house in the market?’
    ‘What do say to a person who has built a home on the seashore and hates waves?’
    ‘What do you say t ...
  8. Gurudev, can the Guru change the karma of a person, and when does that happen?

    If a Guru alone could change the karma of a person then he would have changed the karma of everybody in one stroke.
    No, you have to do some effort as well.
    Guru can definitely relieve you of your sins. When you commit a sin and you realize that y ...
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