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  1. The only thing you must remember is how fortunate you are

    When you forget this you become sad. Sorrow indicates your negative qualities, and your attachment to your positive qualities. When you think you are too good, you blame the world; then you become sad. The purpose of sorrow is to bring you back to the sel ...
  2. Expand Your Vices

    If you cannot get rid of vices, increase them. Worry, pride, anger, lust, grief- give them a bigger dimension and a different direction. Anger- what is the point of getting angry about small events? Be angry about the infinite, about Brahma. Ego, pride- I ...
  3. The Arrow of Faith

     It is only through merit that you can have faith. When you lack faith, happiness is neither in the inner nor the outer world. Happiness springs forth from faith. Happiness is forgetting the body consciousness. Pain or sorrow is holding on to the body con ...
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