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  1. Gurudev, How to take a sankalpa and how to make one’s sankalpa strong and effective?

    Being hollow and empty!
    When sankalpa arises in your heart then take the sankalpa and expand your consciousness with the context of time and space in the vast universe. In this huge universe, in this huge time, I want this little sankalpa to happen an ...
  2. Gurudev, what to do if I feels strong temptation for something. How to get over it the moment it arises?

    It is like learning archery in the war field.
    When temptation arises at that moment there is nothing you can do because whatever you think, you will be swayed by your emotions. Emotions are much more powerful than your thought process. But still when ...
  3. Strength and Subordination

    Many people do not want to work under someone else, be it in their profession, in any company or even voluntary service. The general notion is that when you work under someone, you lose your freedom, you have to be answerable. So, many people opt for busi ...
  4. Joy and Sorrow

    The inability to experience joy and sorrow is inertia. Experiencing joy and sorrow is a trait of consciousness. Being happy in one's own joy and sad in one's own sorrow is a trait of animals. Being happy at another's joy and saddened by ano ...
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