Dealing with Emotions

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  1. Meditation Radiates Love In You – Inside Out

    Meditation has the ability to elicit the joy and love embedded deep within you. Love is not an emotion; it is your very existence – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Yet, we keep yearning for love all our life. Ironic, isn’t it? If love is our very existence, if th ...
  2. Tenali Raman Stories on Secrets of Happiness

    Meditation gives you the ability to see things the way they are Tenali Ramakrishna, fondly remembered as Tenali Raman, was a 16th-century court poet at the Vijayanagara Empire in India. He hailed from a town called Tenali. He is remembered even today fo ...
  3. Control your Anger before it Controls You

    When you are in a calm, meditative state of mind, you get angry less often This is continued from the previous article on Tips to Reduce Anger Below are a few more ways by which you can reduce anger. Cleansing the mind of impressions Breathe out Stress ...
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