Awards and Honours

World Venerates Wisdom

The world has venerated the wisdom and vision of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar by honouring him with numerous awards and honours. His vision of a violence-free, stress-free society through the re-awakening of human values has been recognised and appreciated the world over. Over the years, Sri Sri has been bestowed with several national and international awards, including the top state honours and awards instituted by governments and reputed organisations.

Five universities in India and one from Sri Lanka have honoured Sri Sri with honorary doctorate degrees in recognition of his service to humanity.

While several cities in the US and Canada have also honoured him by declaring a day during his visits to the cities as ‘Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Day’, some countries have bestowed him the honour of ‘illustrious visitor’. Washington DC honoured his visit to the city in 2007 by marking that week as ‘Human Values Week’. He has also been accorded honorary citizenship by some US and Canadian cities. In 2006, during his visit to Jaipur, India, Sri Sri was handed the symbolic key to the city by the mayor of Jaipur.