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Generosity: A Key To Success

30.09.2014 Delhi, India

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Do you know what psychologists say? If a speaker speaks for more than 10 minutes, the listener go for a break three times! Attention deficiency is growing these days among our youth in a very big way because we have so many impressions being bombarded into our brain. This is why attention deficiency, schizophrenia are all on the rise today. It is very important that we take care of our mental health. Like you have dental hygiene, we do have a mental hygiene, which is not being paid much attention.

Meditation is a sort of mental hygiene, it keeps you sane. When you are sane then you feel happy and your family is happy.

Couple of centuries ago in some parts of the world you would hardly find people who all their teeth in place because they would never brush their teeth, that is in some parts of the world, not everywhere. Today, the one thing that has reached everywhere is toothpaste and toothbrush. Similarly, we must educate our people on how to keep their mind sane, and this is called mental hygiene. Meditation is a sort of mental hygiene, it keeps you sane. When you are sane then you feel happy and your family is happy.

Can a person be happy if his surroundings are unhappy? Even if one person in the family is unhappy, everyone in the family becomes unhappy. Their happiness gets affected. Happiness has to spread, if it doesn’t spread, it’s going to die very soon.
Then the nature of happiness is to share. Suppose you watch a very nice film, what do you do? You don’t say, ‘Please don’t disturb me I have watched a very good movie today. Leave me alone.’ Do you say, leave me alone? (Audience say, ‘No’)
When you see something nice, what do you do? You want to tell everybody that it is so nice, and they should also go and see it. The nature of happiness is to share and to give.

There are two types of happiness, the first is of grabbing or taking. This is the happiness we are all born with. A child enjoys taking things. This is an infant happiness, the want to possess. You take children to a toy shop and that’s it! They would want to bring the whole toy shop home. They like to grab everything. This is infant joy.
Then there is a happiness that is more mature. It is the happiness of your grandmother or grandfather. Say your grandmother is at home all by herself, she will not make 4-5 dishes and have a big meal. But when her grand children are coming, look at the enthusiasm in her. She prepares so many varieties of dishes and she enjoys feeding them. This is a mature joy, which comes from giving. There is a joy in giving.

Happiness and success, both depend on your ability to give. This ability to give is in your consciousness, in your mind. And it is not the object that you give that matters but the attitude of sharing.

You will many industrialists around the world who always enjoy giving. Why do they give? They give because giving gives them more joy, it gives them a satisfaction which is unparalleled. Giving gives you happiness which is unparalleled.
A successful person is one who has tasted the joy in giving, who has understood the joy in giving and goes on giving. This is the sign of success
Now, it is not that you should give only after you become successful, no! It is not like that. You need to make it a habit.

It is so unfortunate, this country which is known for giving, the government had to make CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) a law. All entrepreneurs must give 2-3%of their profit for a social cause, this is now a law. See where the values have disappeared. This was in our genes. We had always contributed back to the society. So, happiness and success, both depends on the ability to give. This ability to give is in your consciousness, in your mind. And it is not the object that you give that matters but the attitude of sharing.

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