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My name is Sophia Mafuwa. I am 45 years of age, from 83 Airport Road, Bulawayo. I have been struggling with hypertension since 1995 up to recently when I started the exercise with the Art of Living Foundation. In February 2005 I had taken the Breath, Water, Sound workshop. Since I started these exercises my health has improved so much, especially my hypertension which used to range from 150/100 to 180/120 had been reduced to 130/90. I also used to suffer from stomach ulcers but due to the exercises and food awareness taught on the course and the restricted diet I am following, I have not had too many problems with them anymore. Thanks to these exercises, my health has drastically improved and I thereby encourage everyone out there to be involved in such exercises because they turn out to be very helpful and healthy.

Sophia Mafuwa


  Badakhshan province