yes+ testimonial 6

I did the YES!+ course in the last semester of the year. It helped me manage my time efficiently and be focused, calm and relaxed at the same time. After the course I transcended my shortcomings and started interacting with seniors and other batch mates more easily and thatgave me the energy and enthusiasm to take up more co-curricular activities and responsibilities and to fulfill them skillfully and in time. My relationship with my family has also improved. Apart from all this, I improved my grades and also started studying more than just regular semester courses. I have many close good friends which are like my family members now. Most importantly it gave me a wonderful opportunity to serve others and express my gratitude towards the society I'm a part of. In short, YES!+ brought Excellence in every aspect of my life!

Darshan Chintamani Sumant

2nd Year, B.Tech (Engineering Physics)