Live Webcast: Satsang with
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Satsangs with Gurudev are a combination of music and reason –with music in the form of bhajans and discussion of topics from the problems of daily living to the subtlest philosophy. Gurudev has emphasized the educational benefit of satsang, the combination of music and reason corresponding to the left and right halves of the brain respectively – and we need both to fully develop our faculties.

Satsangs with Gurudev are often accompanied by cultural performances from whichever part of the world Gurudev happens to be in. Gurudev travels tirelessly on peace missions (to find out more click here), and satsangs carry the same message of peace and love – celebrating our differences rather than fighting over them.

Now you can also watch Satsangs with Gurudev live and Post your questions to him directly.

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 Tips for webcast viewers

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  • You can read translation of wisdom from Sri Sri in English, Russian, and Marathi during the live webcast.
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