Can't Stick to Your Meditation
Practice? (Part-1)

Are you a woman who really enjoys the experience of meditation finds it difficult to incorporate into your daily routine? Maybe you’re juggling work with raising kids, or perhaps you have young children who are very demanding. If you’re a homemaker, perhaps your relationship, household and parental duties seem to leave little time for anything else.

These tips are designed to initiate some gentle shifts in your life so you can make meditation a regular part of your routine smoothly and easily.

Before going into the tips, let’s look into a few concepts that may be hindering you from making meditation the great intimate pal that it can be. Firstly, how about the idea that you simply don’t have time and that daily meditation is “unrealistic” for a busy person like yourself. The reality is that the deep rest that you get in meditation enables you to be much more dynamic and effective in your activities. The enhanced energy and greater mental clarity that meditation brings means that you will perform your activities more efficiently and actually achieve more in less time (as well as enjoying whatever you do much more). Also, because of the deep rest and incredible sense of wellbeing that meditation gives, you may find that you actually look forward to getting up a little earlier to do your morning practice.

Secondly, you may have heard that you need to spend a lot of time meditating to get the benefits, e.g. sitting for an hour. The good news is that just 20 minutes of meditation (ideally twice a day) is all you need to go deep inside and have that refreshing dip into stillness. The effects will be more profound and quicker if you can do it twice a day.

Thirdly, you may feel that as a caring mother or devoted spouse you are being selfish in isolating yourself from your family during your meditation time. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, by meditating you will have so much more to give your family. Your increased centredness, brighter disposition and increased energy levels will be appreciated by your family. It is very common for children to ask their mothers to meditate so that Mummy is less grumpy!

Armed with this understanding of meditation, let’s turn our attention to how you can incorporate it into your life and maximise the benefits.

#1 Find some sneaky ways to meditate

If you can get up 20 minutes earlier than normal and get in your meditation before the family wakes up, that would be ideal. Doing without that sleep may seem a little tough to begin with, however, you will find after several days of experiencing the deep rest of regular meditation that you will not miss that extra sleep.

Traditionally meditation is done at the same time and in the same place daily, but for many of us that won’t be possible. However, there are plenty of ways to fit meditation into your day. If you have the intention, you will find that even a very busy lifestyle will offer little windows of opportunity to meditate. For example in a bus or train to or from work, Or, perhaps as the chauffeur for your kids you may have to wait In the car for the piano, gymnastics or ballet session to finish. Utilise that time to fit in some meditation, even if it falls short of the magical 20 minute goal

At work, take a meditation break at lunch time. You could find a quiet place in the office or go to your car or a nearby park. You can download your favourite guided meditation from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar onto your iPod or smart phone or learn the wonderful Sahaj Samadhi Meditation offered by the Art of Living Foundation.

#2 Attend group meditation sessions whenever you can

Group meditations are very powerful and will inspire you to practise on your own. You will also enjoy the company of other meditators.

#3 Listen to some of Gurudev’s talks on meditation or read some of his discourses

You may find your inspiration wilting every now and then. At that time it is very helpful to listen to a video of one of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s engaging talks on meditation. Also some books of his meditation talks are available. Taking a few minutes to tune into the words of this great meditation master is always enjoyable and inspiring.

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