Discounted Packages

Classically for deeper effect Ayurveda recommends to do the whole body oil massage (Abhyanga or Uzhichil) together with head massage (Shirodhara):


«Ananda» Package:

Abhyanga or Uzhichil + Shirodhara,  continue 2,15h.               62 EUR


«Samadi» Package:

Abyanga + Shirodhara + Marma                                              81 EUR

Abhyanga + Shirodhara are done in one day and Marma preferably in another day                       


«Shambala» Package:

Urichil + Shirodhara + Udvartana                                            93 EUR

Uzhichil + Shirodhara are done in one day and Udwartana in another day