Meditation & Decision-Making

Meditation And Decision-Making

When you are confused, whatever you do tends to feel wrong. Whatever choice you make, you feel that the other would have been better.

When you feel confused, take a pillow and go to bed. - A Chinese proverb

Follow the principle of the Chinese proverb. When you are upset or confused, no decision feels right and then there is regret. With the mind undergoing constant regret, there will be poison in your system. It will even reduce the strength of your immune system.

Every moment your mind is swinging to either the past or the future. You are angry about the past, which is of no use. It's all happened anyway. You may be anxious about the future - what will happen tomorrow, the next day, the third day!

Living your entire life in anger or anxiety is not very wise. Yoga and meditation help to bring the mind to the present moment. They help to stop the regret or the anxiety by releasing all the toxins from every cell of the body, and letting them out. All built-up anger and regret are released through yoga and meditation.