How ego kills the relationships

Bangalore, Индия

Ego causes heaviness, discomfort, fear, anxiety. Ego does not let love flow. Ego is separateness, non-belongingness, wanting to prove and to possess. Ego can be transcended by knowing the truth, by inquiring “Who am I?” Often, you feel contempt or jealousy towards someone with ego. Instead you should have compassion.

There is also a positive aspect of ego. Ego drives you to do work. A person will do a job either out of joy, compassion or out of ego. Most of the work in society is done out of ego. But in satsang, work is done out of love. Ego is separateness, non- belongingness. It desires to prove and to possess. When you wake up and see that there is nothing to be proven and nothing to possess, ego dissolves.

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