What does it mean to sacrifice

Bangalore, Индия

Sacrifice is letting go of something that you are holding on to or that you are attached to - giving up something that gives you pleasure for something bigger that would bring good. Sacrifice brings strength in life. Life without sacrifice is stagnant. Sacrifice gives you a quantum leap; to a higher pedestal.

Often people think sacrifice makes life dull and joyless. In fact, it is sacrifice that makes life worth living. The amount of sacrifice in your life brings out your magnanimity and helps you move out of misery. A life without sacrifice is worth nothing. Zeal, enthusiasm, strength and joy all come from sacrifice.

Someone in the audience : Some people complain, “I have sacrificed so much.”

That is good. The thought of sacrifice has given them the strength to complain ! This saves them from blaming themselves otherwise they would be more depressed.

Sacrifice never goes unrewarded. There can be no love, no wisdom and no true joy without sacrifice. Sacrifice makes you sacred. Become sacred.

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