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May & June, 2015

"A disease-free body, quiver-free breath, stress-free mind, inhibition-free intellect, obsession-free memory, ego that includes all, and soul which is free from sorrow are the signs of a perfect yogi" - Sri Sri

Learn to be a yogi. To mark the important UN declaration of 21st June as the International day of Yoga, All Sri Sri Yoga teachers have offered to conduct Free introductory Yoga Workshops. We want to spread a mass awareness of Yoga and make it easily available for everyone to learn something about it before the 21st June and become part of the Yoga Day celebrations in their city.
We wish to give everyone a taste of yoga so that they are further inspired to learn and practice yoga as part of their life.

1 Lakh Participants in May 2015

In May 2015 Art of Living conducted 200 Yoga Shibirs with 1 Lakh Participants in 120 venues.

As a build up for International Day of Yoga to be celebrated on 21 June, under the initiative of Yog Daan, the Sri Sri Yoga teachers have conducted over 200 Yog Shibirs in india. More than One Lakh people have benefited from the free workshops that were organized for Defense Personnel, Policemen, School and College Students and for citizens of over 120 cities and villages in India.

Art of Living Yogdaan features a unique 3 days Sri Sri Yoga and meditation camp called Yog Shibir. This Yog Shibir is open for everyone – for all age groups. Yog Shibir gives the people an opportunity to experience the immense benefits of Yoga firsthand, under the guidance of a trained Yoga teacher. Yoga is not just asanas. Pranayam, meditation, knowledge and much more is there, which makes it a way of Life.