Around 100 cities celebrating with The Art of Living

The Sun Never Sets on Yoga

The Sun Never Sets on Yoga is an initiative of The Art of Living that brings yogis (yoga enthusiasts) from all around the world together to perform sun salutations along with the rising sun. In its second edition this year, yogis from 108 cities in India and 108 countries across the globe will perform sun salutations on June 12th, 2016.


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List of Participating Districts in India

○ Allahabad ○ Baddi ○ Bathinda ○ Bilaspur ○ Chamba ○ Faridkot ○ Fazilla ○ Firozpur ○ Hamirpur ○ Jaipur ○ Jammu
○ Kangra ○ Kanpur ○ Karanja ○ Kathua ○ Kullu ○ Ludhiana ○ Meerut ○ Mumbai ○ Palampur ○ Shimla ○ Sikkim ○ Solan
○ Srinagar ○ Sundernagar ○ Udaipur ○ Una ○ Zira


List of Participating Countries

○ Bahrain ○ Brazil ○ Brunei ○ Chile ○ China ○ Columbia ○ Germany ○ Indonesia ○ Italy ○ Ivory Coast ○ Lebanon
○ Mauritius ○ Myanmar ○ New Zealand ○ Panama ○ Singapore ○ South Africa ○ Sri Lanka ○ Sweden ○ Timor-Leste

Flashback: The Sun Never Sets on Yoga 2015

As a prelude to the International Yoga Day, enthusiasts​ from around 100 cities across the globe performed Sun Salutations at historic locations on June 13, 2015.

The universality and the timelessness of yoga found resonance when yoga enthusiasts from around 100 cities rose with the sun and rolled out their mats in front of historic locations to practice yoga as a prelude to the International Yoga Day (June 21st). Titled, 'Sun Never Sets on Yoga' this magnificent event spanning five continents witnessed the world literally wake up to yoga. Setting pace from the land of the rising sun, Japan to Budapest to St Petersburg to London to New York to Rio De Janerio, the event saw enthusiasts flocking unique and historic locations in Istanbul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Auckland among others. Many cities in Russia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Canada, Lithuania Cambodia, the UAE, Oman, Turkey, Indonesia also followed the sun and joined in hallmarking the comprehensiveness of this ancient technique.