APEX Program is The Art of Living’s flagship offering carefully crafted for the unique challenges of large Industry Leading Corporates and Enterprises in developing countries. 

Every progressive organization seeks to unlock the potential of its people to achieve its vision. 

Without an inspired workforce, organizations face breakdown of authority, work-related stress, early burn-out, increased intolerance, higher attrition rates and subsequent cost of replacement.
Motivational tools such as promotions, pay hikes, ESOPs, talks and leadership summits help, but only for a short time.

Every leading organization understands this, and seeks an effective, long lasting solution.

The Power of APEX

The power of APEX lies in its basic premise - we believe that within every individual there is a leader waiting to be unveiled.

APEX is not a motivational program; it transforms individuals into leaders based on a simple principle: if you inspire people from within, they will love what they do. If they love what they do, they take responsibility and when they take responsibility, they lead the organization to its vision.

APEX Program harnesses timeless wisdom, innovative processes and advanced management techniques, creating a dynamic workplace that nurtures leadership, innovation and team spirit. The program harmonizes the workplace across hierarchies, fostering Mindful Dynamism.

Over 50,000 employees across more than 250 organizations have benefitted from APEX Program. 

Have you?

The APEX Impact

Independent case studies on effectiveness of the APEX program have been done by various organizations. Analysis of participant feedback data from over 35 workshops revealed the following individual and organizational benefits, making APEX one of the most effective leadership training program. 

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