Personality Development

Gain more confidence to take on situations, more energy to engage with other people and awareness to remember the little things that add more to ourselves.

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Health & Wellness

The Art of Living’s prominent state-of-the-art centers of learning, Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research and Sri Sri School of Yoga have been nationally recognized for their standards of excellence

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Jal Jagruti Abhiyan

Initiated in 2013, the Jal Jagruti Abhiyan is a water conservation and river rejuvenation project of The Art of Living that has benefited over 2 lakh people in Maharashtra till date.

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The Art of Living Happiness Program : Yoga & Meditation

It offers:

  • Practical tools like Sudarshan Kriya
  • Yoga and Meditation to unlock your fullest potential
  • Ways to easy stress relief and enhance all aspects of your life

Participants learn:

  • To heal and harmonize the body, mind and spirit
  • Skills to handle the mind and negative emotions
  • Practical wisdom to improve relationships

Program Helpline : +91 7676440044

The Science of Breath

Over 60 independent studies show Sudarshan Kriya and other breathing techniques taught on the Art of Living Happiness Program:

  • ENHANCE: brain, hormone, immune and cardiovascular system function
  • REDUCE: stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • INCREASE: well-being both mentally and physically

I'm Happy...

  • Calm & Creative

    As a freelance photographer, being creative, you have to be clear of any inhibitions. Only a settled frame of mind can be creative. Creativity dawns as a by-product of meditation and spirituality.

    ~ Pankaj Anand, Artist, Mumbai, India

    Sets my Mood

    A deep experience of peace and serenity that I get with meditation sets my mind’s tone and mood for the entire day. And this effect has grown through the years of my practice.

    ~ Michael Fischman, Author, United States
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Projects and Events

  • Unveiling Infinity

    A rare experience that will have Gurudev sharing powerful, insightful techniques from an ancient esoteric scripture - the Vigyaan Bhairav.
The Art of Living

About Us

  • Making life a celebration
  • Creating a violence and stress-free society
  • Founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  • Largest volunteer based NGO

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