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Special Advanced Meditation Program

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What will I get from this program?


Experience deep mediations

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's guided meditations called “Hollow and Empty” are a central part of this program. These meditations help you settle into a deep rest.


Explore The Depth of Silence

Go beyond your usually active mind and experience an extraordinary sense of tranquility. From here, you will be able to experience renewed vitality.


Relief from Emotional Stress

Meditation helps you manage stress responses. You release all the impressions of your experiences and reconnect with your rejuvenated self.


Enhance Immunity

Meditation soothes the nervous system, and enables smooth flow of energy through the body, which helps boost your immunity.


Unlock creativity

Silence is the mother of creativity. This program leads you to a state of deep rest, away from the mental chatter, where your latent skills and talents begin to emerge.


Experience High Energy Levels

The techniques of this program help increase the prana or life force in your body and mind. When the prana goes up, your mind becomes calm and positive

Why take part in an Advanced Meditation Program?

With the Sudarshan Kriya in the Online Meditation & Breath Workshop, you would have had a glimpse of inner calm. How can you sustain it, and go deeper into this peaceful experience? With our next level program - Advanced Meditation Program. This takes your meditation practice and experience to the next level. Here, we introduce you to a spiritual silence, which brings deep rest and relaxation. It is not easy for anyone to do nothing and stay quiet for a few days. So, through this program, we will take you through a deeply calming experience with a series of intensive meditation techniques. You will uncover your true potential, get a glimpse of your true Self, and feel completely energized. Ready to take on the world!

Are there any prerequisites?

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must have done the Online Meditation & Breath Workshop / Happiness Program / Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!+) / Student Excellence and Learning Program (SELP).
  • You must free up your schedule for the days you are in the program. This is to allow yourself to go fully into the program and get the deep rest you need and deserve.


Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a global humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace. He has spearheaded an unprecedented worldwide movement for a stress-free, violence-free society.

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I want to join this program but...

I’ve done the Happiness Program and I am happy with it. I am not interested in becoming an expert in meditation by doing the Advanced Meditation Program. After all, I’m not trying to become a yogi.

Just as your car needs servicing every six or twelve months, your body and mind also need some overhauling and rejuvenation every once in a while. The advanced meditations are a way of increasing and maintaining that initial boost of energy and happiness that you felt with the OMBW/Happiness Program. By going deeper into your meditations, you will enjoy deeper rest; you won’t become a yogi! In fact, many people do the program multiple times to experience deep rest; they also benefit from unique insights each time they do the program.

I feel that I am too young to meditate so deeply. I am only 20 years old. And at this stage, I am not so stressed that I need to meditate so much.

It’s great that you are not stressed right now. However, with time and age, your work and responsibilities will increase in life. Instead of waiting to become stressed at that time and then dealing with it, wouldn’t it be a good idea to prepare yourself? After all, when you have annual exams at the end of the year, you don’t wait till the exam is upon you to start studying, do you? You also don’t wait till your savings are over before you start earning money. You prepare in advance. Similarly, how about building those inner reserves of resilience and strength with some techniques that will teach you how to handle stress even before it arises?

Am I not too old for this program? I am 65 years old. I don’t think I can sit through this.

The program is going to teach you techniques of breathing that will help increase your energy. You will enjoy deep rest through meaningful and insightful silence. The processes are natural and can only make you stronger and more resilient. No one is too old for this program.

The program talks a lot about silence. Am I allowed to interact with my family? What about electronic communication?

To get maximum benefit from the program, we would advise you to avoid texting and mailing and all kinds of verbal interactions as far as possible. The idea is to give you maximum time to delve deep within yourself as you discover yourself. It’s much easier than it sounds!

Is this meditation the same as Vipassana meditation?

No, the Advanced Meditation Program (AMP) is not the same as Vipassana meditation. The AMP experience is considered the most potent experience a person can have as the insights and depths you reach are life-changing. Research studies by various prominent institutes including All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have established that the techniques we follow help in achieving a state of mental alertness, better immune status, and better quality of life.

How many hours in the day will I have to be available for this program?

The program is for three whole days. It starts early in the morning around 6 or 7 AM and concludes at around 8 or 9 PM. So, come prepared to take these days off from your routine life, and gift yourself a vacation.

How many breaks do I get in between?

The whole program is designed to give you a break from your daily routine! We will, of course, have short intervals in between for bio breaks, meals etc.

Will I be provided with any mantra in this program?

This program has a series of guided meditations, without any personalized mantras. However, if you are interested in mantra meditation, you can enroll in our Sahaj Samadhi Dhyana Yoga program

Are there any medical conditions that bar me from taking part?

If you were able to complete the basic OMBW/Happiness Program, there should not be any issues with the Advanced Program. All the same, it would be good to tell your teacher about any ailments/conditions that you may have.

Do I need to be a vegetarian to attend this program?

Not at all. Food preferences do not matter for this program. However, we do advise you to be on a light, vegetarian diet during the program. This will enable you to go deeper in meditation.

I have heard of a new technique called Sudarshan Chakra Kriya. Is that part of this program?

This is a powerful technique that you are eligible to learn once you have done one Advanced Meditation Program (AMP). It is a free upgrade to your daily practice. You can get in touch with your teacher once you have finished the program.