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Sankalp/sankalpa: Using the power of your intention & manifestation

Sankalpa means ‘intention’. Every task in life takes place through it. Even the smallest act, like say, moving your arm, begins with it – in the mind. The ‘intention’ of a weak mind is weak, while that of a strong mind is strong. Also, when the mind is rested, and at peace, the sankalpa tends to be powerful.

Meditation and chanting help the mind settle down, and enable clarity of thought. Any intention taken in such a state of mind manifests itself effectively. Moreover, meditation and chanting on Mahashivratri increase the power of your sankalpa. So, during this puja, it is a gift of positivity and blessings.

Bring this gift into your life!

Who can take an online sankalpa?

Anyone! You don’t need to conform to any orientation or beliefs to take a sankalpa. Register here if you are an Indian national.

How does it work?

  1. It is preferable to fast, though it is not a compulsion. For fasting tips, visit this page.
  2. If possible, bathe and wear fresh clothes before sitting for the sankalpa.
  3. During the webcast, the pandit will invite everyone to say a few prayers, and will explain how to take the sankalpa. Follow those instructions. This will take around 10-15 minutes.
  4. Meditate during the Rudra puja that follows.
  5. The sankalpa prasad will reach you at the address you filled in the registration form.
  6. If you are unable to join the webcast at the designated time, and could not follow the stated rituals, don’t worry. Log onto the webcast later that evening, pray and meditate.
  7. Work, pray and surrender!

On this day, allow yourself to immerse in the Shiva Tattva.

How do I know if my sankalpa is fulfilled?

You will know. When you take a sankalpa, you simply invite the Universe to listen to your intention; you pray, and surrender the intention to the Divine. You don’t have to keep thinking about it or get worked up about it. Work towards it, then, let it go, and rest in the faith that only the best will happen to you.