Meditate India Campaign, May 13 - 31 An Art Of Living initiative

12 May 2012

Meditation , the ancient Indian wisdom of healing is a proven panacea for a healthy mind and body. Meditation is an effective tool that brings the body, breath and mind in unison, fosters harmony, creates balance, and a sense of over-all well-being in a person.

The challenges of modern-day existence, along with the stress it induces, is the source of many lifestyle diseases; as well as other emotional disturbances like aggression, fear, hatred, and loss of faith. Meditation, through its wide variety of practices and techniques, restores that very balance in a person, helping him transcend his limitations and achieve his highest potenial. It is a blissful journey within, to make us more aware, confident, dynamic, lively and peaceful.

The Art of Living, founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is launching Meditate India campaign, to take his vision of a stress-free and disease-free society, to millions of Indians across caste, creed, language and class. Meditate India which will be launched on 13th May 2012, will see around 1700 centres across the country come alive through free meditation camps. The campaign which will include day-long meditation sessions, along with guest lectures and talks on the benefits of meditation, will have joyous musical satsangs too.

To be concluded on 31st May, this unique initiative, will introduce people to the power of meditation and its potential to transform lives.