What will I learn and practice?

Deep Yoga

Experience the true essence of yoga. Discover an authentic, accessible practice that deeply benefits mind, body, and spirit.


You’ll have the confidence to practice a full yoga sequence solo and have the tools to reset and rebalance, anytime.

Breath work and Meditation

Powerful pranayamas like Nadi Shodana, Kapalabhati, Agnisara, Bhramari, etc and deep meditations to explore the silence within

Mind-Body Wisdom

Gain practical, life-enhancing yogic wisdom and insight into your mind-body well-being for greater health and vitality.

Sri Sri Yoga, a holistic approach to yoga

Sri Sri Yoga, designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, offers a holistic approach to yoga. It has the power to help people live happier, healthier and more balanced lives. Yoga is not about perfecting your body, it's about realizing that you are already perfect, accepting and loving yourself as you are. The better this works, the more stress and tension you can leave behind. You will find yourself becoming more and more flexible, loving, caring, happy and fulfilled.


Our Sri Sri Yoga teachers follow the ancient traditions when it comes to the practice of yoga. Each class offers different breathing exercises and simple, yet profound asanas that help you go deep within. Each class is concluded with a Yoga Nidra and meditation in order to absorb the effect of the yoga practice as well as possible. You feel completely with YOURSELF... it is the merging of body, mind and soul.


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About The Dutch Monk

Born and brought up in the Netherlands, Swami Purnachaitanya from a young age had a keen interest in the spiritual practices, cultures and philosophies of the East.

After finishing his studies at the University of Leiden and practicing various Eastern martial arts for years, he met his spiritual Master, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and started his journey to explore the traditions of yoga, meditation, mantras and ancient wisdom.

Now he has become a public figure traveling extensively in Asia, Africa and Europe, conducting a wide range of self- development programs.

Sri Sri Yoga
with Swami Purnachaitanya

  • Yoga poses (asanas)
  • Breathing exercises
  • Guided meditations
  • Yoga Sequence manual to practice at home
  • Knowledge about the path of yoga

Venue:  Gym Zaal, Don boscostraat 4, 5611 KN Eindhoven
Dates and Timings:  1st to 4th Feb. Weekdays: 19 to 21hs.
Weekend: 09:00-11:00
Regular Value:  € 150,00

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“Yoga is not about making your body perfect, it is about realizing you are already perfect and being able to accept and love yourself the way you are. The more this happens, the more the stresses and strains leave you, you will find that you become more and more flexible, loving, caring, happy and fulfilled.”


~ Swami Purnachaitanya: The Dutch Monk

My experience with Sri Sri Yoga

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