In a beautiful countryside setting the annual Summer Retreat, organised by the Art of Living, is a 5-day residential holistic retreat comprising a schedule of wellbeing programs designed for the entire family.

Courses are offered for all age groups starting from age 2. These cover meditation, yoga, breathing and Ayurveda, as well as indulgent therapeutic treatments, which can be taken alongside the courses or could be your purpose for attending the retreat.

For children it’s a fun summer camp; where they can play, interact, engage in arts and crafts, whilst at the same time learn relaxing breathing and meditation techniques, which help and guide them through issues that they may face at their age, such as confidence, concentration, being kind to others and empower them to make the right choices.

Adults (including parents of children on the courses) find this a perfect setting to be excused from the world and its day-to-day stresses and duties and instead immerse themselves in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation, improving all aspects of their wellbeing.

All course teachers are professionally trained with many years of experience teaching and working in the wellbeing field.


Age 2-7 (out of nappies)

These sessions leave parents free to relax on their own course. Full of fun music, yoga, dance, stories, games, arts and crafts and nature walks.


Dates: 23.08.2017 - 27.08.2017

Teacher : Su Bowerman
Contact :  Migle turauskaite

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ART Excel

Age 8-13

All Round Training in Excellence!

Combining games, yoga and breathing, this fun workshop boosts self-esteem, concentration and confidence, helping your child excel in all aspects.


Dates: 23.08.2018 - 27.08.2018

Teacher : Debbie Anne Turner
Contact  : Debbie Turner
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Age 13-18

Youth Empowerment & Skills

A dynamic and innovative program for teens to release stress, master their emotions and gain focus. Packed with games, yoga, meditation, breathing and fun processes, empowering youth with tools to remove inner barriers.


Dates : 24.08.2017 - 28.08.2017
Teacher : Rakhi Lal
Contact : Rakhi Lal
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Happiness Program

Age 18 and above

This course combines practical wisdom with powerful breathing techniques that cleanse the system of emotional and physical stresses and impurities, increasing mental focus, heightening awareness and allowing us to reach our highest potential, through the Sudarshan Kriya technique, yoga, meditation and wisdom.


Date : 25.08.2018 - 27.08.2017
Teacher : Hina Pancholi , Raj Modi 
Contact : Raj Modi
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Art of Silence

Age 18 and above (upon completion of the Happiness Program)

A graduate program after completing the Happiness Program, offers a unique set of meditations called ‘Hollow and Empty’ which take you towards self-discovery, allowing for deep rest and healing.  Whilst in silence, receive precious knowledge of energy and emotions and experience a deeper state of inner silence.


Dates : 23.08.2018 - 27.08.2018
Teacher : Christopher Kiran Byrt
Contact : Darshana Shah
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Art of Meditation (Sahaj Samadhi)

Learn the art of effortless meditation in this course, which deeply rejuvenates and energises the system. A personal ‘mantra’ is given to settle the mind, achieve deep relaxation and release stress.


Dates : 25.08.2018 - 26.08.2018
Teacher : Sue Bowerman
Contact : Migle turauskaite
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Sri Sri Yoga (Level 2)

A blend of yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and yogic wisdom, Sri Sri Yoga offers you a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit with advanced asanas, detox and blissful meditations.

COURSE DETAILS : Sri Sri Yoga Level 2

Date : 22.08.2018 - 27.08.2018
Teacher : Beatrice Lulini
Contact : Tahir Sharief
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Day Workshops

Mother and Baby
Vastu Shastra
Eternity Process
Ayurvedic Consultation
Ayurvedic Treatments
Homeopathic Consultation
Ayurvedic Beauty

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