Sri Sri Natya

Immerse yourself in the joys of dance and music. Give yourself a smile.

The Sri Sri Natya course gives participants an experience of total joy and bliss. In an easy, light way, students learn the basic steps of Bharat Natyam, the Indian classical dance.
Mudras, or hand positions, balance the energies of the body and mind and reduce stress. This six-day course combines the healing power of Mudras, yoga postures, dance and meditation to deliver a new you - energetic, confident and graceful.
The dance movements strengthen the body and soothe the nervous system, taking away the worries and stress of daily life.

Benefits of the Sri Sri Natya course:

  • Increased physical strength and loss of excess weight
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem in social and work relationships
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved coordination and balance of the body
  • A calm, stress-free mind
  • Break through inhibitions and negative behavior patterns

Participants' experience of Sri Sri Natya course:

I never would have imagined that I will be dancing at this age in front of everybody without even the slightest inhibition. The course was so effective that it helped all of us totally unwind ourselves, forget all our worries, and I can definitely say that it had a therapeutic effect in the stressful life most of us are leading these days. – Mythili Sridhar, 50 yrs.

I was hesitant in the beginning as I am a BP patient. My Blood Pressure is quite normal now, and the heaviness in my chest has gone. I feel very active and enthusiastic. – Seshadri Jois Such overwhelming joy, that I just can’t express. – Bindu "Heart touching". I have done many Art of Living courses but I must tell you, Sri Sri Natya is the best. Blissful!! – Srijith Nair

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