Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri is a humanitarian leader, spiritual teacher and ambassador of peace.

His vision of a stress-free, violence-free society has united millions of people the world over through service projects and courses of The Art of Living.

Sri Sri as a Peace Ambassador and Humanitarian

Sri Sri visits over 70 cities a year promoting peace and inspiring global transformation through ethical leadership, anti-corruption, conflict resolution, and a care for all people and the planet.

Sri Sri as a Spiritual Teacher

As a teacher, Sri Sri shares spiritual wisdom in a way that makes high ideals possible to live in our daily lives.

Sri Sri's Blog

Same yet Different

There is infinite spontaneity and creativity unfolding every moment in Nature. Every day the sun rises but every sunrise is uniquely beautiful. This is true for our experiences as we go through life as well & [...]

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Responding to terror

The horrendous attacks in Paris have sent shivers down the spine everywhere in the world. This is a direct assault not only on the European way of life but on values that are common to all liberal. [...]

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Unknown Lessons from the Mahatma

Gandhi Jayanti is an occasion to reflect on what we can learn from Gandhiji. Everyone’s life teaches us both what to do and what not to do. The ideals that Gandhiji set are an inspiration for [...]

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May 21 - Jun 2

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Art of Living International Centre, 21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Jun 3

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Kochi, Kerala, India

Jun 4-17

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Art of Living International Center,
21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Jun 29 - Jul 4

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Bay Area, California, United States

Jul 4-10

Guru Purnima Courses & Events

Art of Living Retreat Center, Boone, North Carolina, United States
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Sri Sri

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