Courses for Children and Teens

Holistically designed programs for children and teens ages 5-17, enhancing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

SKY Breath Meditation

SKY is an evidence-based breathing technique that has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, enhance learning and improve focus and concentration

Practical Tools

Life skills to manage negative emotions, boost confidence, encourage goal setting and help make healthy choices when faced with challenges and peer pressure.

Yogic Techniques

A combination of asanas, breathing and relaxation exercises for a calm state of mind, practices to improve memory and specialized techniques to boost concentration.

Interactive Games

Activities, games, team exercises and group discussions that help with problem solving  and conflict resolution, and encourage teamwork, cooperation and prosocial behaviour.

SKY Kids

(8-12 years old)

The SKY Kids course supports children’s well-being by teaching techniques that enhance peace of mind, clarity, focus and emotional stability, and nurturing values like respect and a sense of belonging. When children have the tools to manage their own stress and emotions, they’re able to excel in all areas of life.

SKY Teens

(13-17 years old)

The SKY Teens programs teaches students the research backed SKY Breathing along with other techniques and life skills to release stress and negative emotions, help them focus and perform well at school and build positive relationships with their friends, peers, parents and teachers.

SKY Teens 2

(13-17 years old)

An advanced mediation and leadership workshop for students who have already taken the SKY Teens program. Elements include ancient yogic techniques to enhance energy, processes to overcome fears and activities to encourage personal and social responsibility through service, expanding their abilities and their vision of the world.

Intuition Process

(5-17 years)

This revolutionary program teaches children simple and powerful techniques which enable them to access and cultivate their inherent intuitive capacity, enhancing their concentration, intelligence, decision making skills, communication, creativity and self-confidence, and often unlocking their hidden talents and abilities.

Know Your Child

KYC is an interactive workshop for parents of children under 12. It explores some of the root causes behind children’s behavior and provides parents with practical tips, ancient wisdom and easy to implement tools to help children blossom, empower parents to stay centered through challenging situations and enhance the parent-child relationship.

Know Your Teen

KYT is a version of Know Your Child specifically focused on the unique challenges and joys of having a teenager. It gives parents the tools to better understand and skillfully support their teens transition into adulthood, nurture their innate abilities, encourage better communication, overcome challenges and strengthen their parent-child bond.

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