Bharath Gyan is an initiative of D.K. Hari and his wife D.K. Hema hari who have travelled extensively and visited a number of museums, theme parks, libraries, expositions, pageants and special cultural attractions all across the world.

This exposure to the manner in which heritage is handled the world over, motivated them to conceptualize and initiate "Bharath Gyan" - an endeavor to collate and disseminate information on the knowledge of India through the ages.

Bharath Gyan over the last 9 years, has collated over 300 hours of authentic and specific information on 64 different subjects of India to understand the culturally rich India with a non religious, scientific temper.


Few of their recent launches include: You Turn India, Ayodhya War and Peace, Ramayana in Lanka, Historical Rama, Creation - Shrishti Vignana, Understanding Shiva and 2012-The Real Story. All these books are available at our Divine Shops and can also be ordered online from

For more information you can visit or call at 080 – 28432747