‘There is no dearth for grace, we have plenty of grace. Blessings are there in abundance’

5 Oct 2011

You know sometimes it is very difficult to talk to someone who is very sad or upset. You tell them anything it just doesn’t get into their head; it just goes above their head. They just cannot digest. They’ll hear from this side and then it will just fly away. It is useless talking to people who are sad and upset. And it is equally useless to talk to people who are ecstatic, so full of joy. You know if someone comes into the satsang for the first time they’ll wonder, Guruji simply said, ‘hmmm’, and then everybody started laughing. He hasn’t cracked a joke, he hasn’t said anything still everyone is laughing, everybody is happy. What is this? Looks very crazy!

People who are in deep ecstasy and knowledge or deep love and fulfilled, for them also, it is difficult to talk to them because they are not in a listening mode; they are in an enjoying mode. So what I am saying is there is no dearth for grace, we have plenty of grace. Blessings are there in abundance. We simply have to keep doing our work, keep doing what we have to be doing. You should continue doing your karma, your work, that’s important yes! There is no dearth; there is no lack of anything at all, isn’t it? Yes! There is abundance.

So like how everyone has some difficulty, my difficult is how to really convey to everyone that there is something so beautiful, something so inexpressible that can manifest in peoples’ lives and transform our planet into heaven. It is very difficult to convey this, isn’t it! So difficult to convey this truth, this knowledge when people are just in their head, they don’t understand. Don’t understand that there is something more than what they have just thought or understood in their little mind.

See our consciousness is so magnificent and so inexpressible. Its beauty, the meditation and the joy of it only one who experiences knows, so it is difficult to convey. Someone asked me to please make their family member also come into it. I know that is the wish of many other people that others also join. Let others also enjoy these blessings, this grace that I am enjoying, isn’t it! And I said that is my difficulty also, how to convey the inexpressible glory of the Divinity to the mundane world where people are just bothered about the mundane things. Just eating, sleeping, gossiping; just the routine thing you know, isn’t it. So immersed in the routine, and that world is so dull and so boring. For me it appears to be so dull and so boring, I don’t know how it is interesting for someone else.

Without this knowledge, without this experience, life does not gain that depth and that’s what is needed now, that depth you know. Conveying that depth to the world, that life is much more than what you think it is. There are so many things that are unseen, honor it, accept it, adore it and that is what is called shraddha.

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