Is Politics Dirty?

25 Feb 2012 Turkey

New Delhi, India

(Thousands of Delhi NCR youth had gathered at the Hindu college premises for a youth initiative titled ‘Own the Future and the Present’. This initiative registered and witnessed a huge turnout of over 10,000 students from 75 colleges including Hindu, St Stephens, SRCC, Delhi school of Economics, Gargi, Bhagat Singh, NIFT, TERI University, Kamala Nehru, IP, Appeejay, among others.
Below is a transcript of what H. H. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said at the event:

I think you all have a lot of questions. Should we just jump to the questions and get on with business? I think all of you must be tired listening to lectures. The whole day you listen to lectures in the classrooms, and I am sure you don’t hear them all, right?
Do you know psychologists say, ‘If you listen to a talk for half an hour, you are really attending to only seven minutes of it.’
This means out of thirty minutes, your attention span is only for seven minutes. The rest of the time your mind goes out for tea, coffee or cappuccino. Now, I don’t like your mind to wander when I am talking! Are you all here? Okay!

You need to have two goals.
First, you need to have a personal goal that addresses what you want to do in your life, how you want to move ahead in your life.
Second, you need to have a goal for the nation or the world. This world belongs to you, and this country belongs to you. Before it comes to you in a bad shape, you should start owning it right away. Then, you can do a lot of damage control, or prevent a lot of damage from happening. The youth can make it happen. What do you say?
So, you need one goal for the world or nation, and one goal for yourself. Then, you have to see how you can match these two goals.
Are you ready? We need to take ownership of this country!

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